Thursday, November 1, 2012

Doctor Who FAIL

A LOT of my friends (and some family!) are Doctor Who fans/nerds (also known as Whovians), and my cousin sent me this, asking if I could do them, to which I replied that I wanted to, I was just scared I was going to mess them up.... And I did. :'(

My first one turned out REALLY well. The ones after them... not so much.

I really, really thought his one turned out well!

And then the rest happened -_- (The one next to the TARDIS is the first one. The one with the blue splotch in the middle fell over when it was still wet)

Can you even tell that's the TARDIS?
So yeah, I f*cked up. The TARDIS doesn't look like the TARDIS, the Sonic Screwdriver doesn't look like a Sonic Screwdriver, and most of my Universe nails just look like pink blobs. Ah well, next time! Just gotta keep working on freehanding.

If you want to know what/who the Doctor is, go on Netflix. It's the most awesome show ever, just another amazing gem by the British :)

Do you have any suggestions, tips, or techniques as to how I could have done better? Please leave them in the comments!