Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guest Post by Jaxo

I have some of the bestest friends ever!!! My friend Jaxo helped me out and did her nails for me! She even did a writeup!!!

Comic Book Nails!

Hello there, this is Jaxo doing a guest post for the amazing Makenna! So these were kind of a pain to do, but I really enjoy the result (even if they look kind of messy!).

So I was going to do some swatches/reviews of some new colors I got, but I saw the leftover comic book paper from my switch plate project and wanted to use it. This is just a collage of Star Wars comic book covers that I printed out on regular printer paper.

These are the things I used! My paper, the hardener to work as my base coat, white polish, Milani is my favorite, blue polish, I am using Marion from Julep, top coat, and a glow-in-the-dark polish just to add some sparkle.

To start I put on my base coat and painted my nails white. I painted my ring finger blue just as an accent nail. Next I cut out pieces of the paper in the shapes of my nails. I put on a generous layer of top coat to glue on the picture. Next I took the paper and brushed it with a little water to make it bend easy and stuck it on. I applied another thick coat of top coat and let it dry. Later I added another layer of top coat to really seal it in, adding my glow-in-the-dark between them.

Getting the paper to the right shape is pretty difficult. If you make it too long, you can just snip it off once it is on your nail, but I can’t figure out how change the shape around my cuticle. I think if I had fake nails it would be easy to put on the design before putting on the nail, because then you could trim it from all sides.

I also found that small words don’t work too well, as the color tends to blend a bit and gets somewhat distorted under the top coat. My middle finger was supposed to have an Empire Strikes Back logo.

Finished product! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Brief Haitus

Sorry guys, but I'm having to quit my nails for a bit because of my health. I'm sorry guys :'( I'm going to be seeing if any of my friends would be willing to write guest blog posts for now.