Thursday, December 27, 2012

1000 Views and A Guest Star

I've hit the 1,000 views mark! This may not be huge for some bloggers, hitting 1,000+ every day, but I've had several blogs over the years, and never got this high. This is BIG for little ol' me! I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who visits and/or promotes my blog. I love you all from the bottom of my heart ♥

To celebrate, I did acrylics on my friend's fingers, and did some really pretty "Peppermint" watermarbling and stamps!

She wanted really short nails, as she types all day.
I'm still having an issue cleaning cuticles.... buuut it was 1am and we were both ready to pass out.
No, I'm not trained in acrylics, and I used the cheap Kiss set from Walmart. I learned watching my mom get manicures by her friend, and these aren't great as I haven't had a lot of practice yet, but they're still hanging on.

Heaven, the nail model/guest, writes: "I absolutely love my nails! The pride you took on making them perfect and being sure I was happy with them was amazing. The water coloring you did on them is absolutely beautiful and the way you cut them to a perfect length so I can work in my every day life was perfect. I love my nails they are awesome."

Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Nails

The Doctor (or Santa, whichever you prefer to believe) is gearing up to make his trip around the world, and I'm SO not ready! No tree, no decorations, presents still unwrapped, and I've had ONE glass of eggnog (and it wasn't even spiked *sadface*).

BUT my hands are ready! Red coat, gold buckle, black belt comin' atcha!

Tried to get the white to look fluffy... I don't think I did very well :/
Ho, ho, ho!
Macro is NOT cooperating today :/

I'm starting to feel festive already :D

I used Sinful Colors' Ruby Ruby, Maybellene's Color Show in Bold Gold, Pure Ice's Black Rage and Superstar!, and NYC's Matte Me Crazy for the topcoat.
So are they festive enough, or is it missing green?

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I have finally, after too long a time, gotten internet!

Took me long enough!

After soul-searching for what I wanted for my birthday, I finally decided on internet. So I decided on a budget and went shopping and here I am!

I know. Less me, more nails!

Unfortunately, being without internet leaves me without all the inspiration I'm used to, so my manis have been few and far-between. But I do have a few to show you!

I'm not sure what to call these, beyond pretty!
I normally would not put these colors together. I do not like gold, and for the most part, and coral and seafoam aren't my favorite colors. But put them together and holy cow! These are GORGEOUS!
I can't figure out how the other blogs get their cuticles so clean... :/
To get this look, I used Sally Hansen's Extreme Wear in Mint Sorbet, L. A. Colors' Dizzy, Sinful Colors' Timbleberry, and Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold. 

To get the pattern on the pinkie, I painted the nail gold and let it dry completely, put a topcoat over that, and let it dry completely, and then painted the Timbleberry and the Mint Sorbet. Before that dried, I took a stamp that I got at a scrapbooking sale and pressed it, removing the Mint and the Timbleberry and exposing the gold underneath.

I'm not happy with the way the thumbs turned out. I'm thinking I should have just done a gold tip instead of attempting (and failing) at a gradient.

What say you?