Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Nails

The Doctor (or Santa, whichever you prefer to believe) is gearing up to make his trip around the world, and I'm SO not ready! No tree, no decorations, presents still unwrapped, and I've had ONE glass of eggnog (and it wasn't even spiked *sadface*).

BUT my hands are ready! Red coat, gold buckle, black belt comin' atcha!

Tried to get the white to look fluffy... I don't think I did very well :/
Ho, ho, ho!
Macro is NOT cooperating today :/

I'm starting to feel festive already :D

I used Sinful Colors' Ruby Ruby, Maybellene's Color Show in Bold Gold, Pure Ice's Black Rage and Superstar!, and NYC's Matte Me Crazy for the topcoat.
So are they festive enough, or is it missing green?

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