Monday, May 27, 2013

Epic Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who Nails!

My girlfriend Sarah is a HUGE Doctor Who fan, specifically for the 10th Doctor. SO as a treat for her trip (she's visiting from California for a few days) I did her nails a la David Tennant's Who.

She LOVES them, won't stop thanking me for them (seriously, sweetie, knock it off!).

For reference I used these pages:
Converse nails
Galaxy Nails
Doctor Who Nails by PrettyWonderful
The Girl Who Waited (for the Dalek and TARDIS)

So here we go!
Bases for Dalek, TARDIS, and the galaxies.

Bases for 10th Doctor 3D Glasses, Converse, and the galaxies.
On her, I used a basecoat by Jordana. One of her nails recently broke, and was short, so I put the 2 coats of the Garlic Growth base on that one and the rest of them had Strengthening.

Next, I started freehanding the accent nails.
David Tennant in 3D Glasses and a Converse sneaker

The Tardis and a Dalek
Then I added the Galaxy nails.

They turned out well :)

Sarah is very happy with these, and I am too :D I wish I'd used smaller details on the Dalek, but other than that I have no regrets!

Hope you guys enjoyed, please share!!

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