Friday, February 22, 2013

Dancing In the Dark

Heaven decided to let me do her nails again! YAY for best friends! lol

She let me try to do acrylics again (last time they were HORRIBLE, the tips I used melted (WTF)), and these turned out really well (after going to Sally's Beauty Supply and buying more tips... Two decided to not work, though. *sigh*).

At my trip to Rue 21, I got a Glow-In-The-Dark hot pink that is suuuuuper cute, even with the lights off!!! I just can't figure out how to take pics of it in the dark....

So it took me... 6.5 hours to do her nails, from start to finish. There were several breaks, including dinner, and I had to go get Era from my mom's at one point.

I FINALLY figured out how to use the Macro on my camera!
The accent nail has glitter dots, pink is from the Dollar Tree, black is from Target. They've appeared in a couple of other posts. We decided to not use a top coat on these to keep the texture.

A mix of styles

I really like how these turned out!!! I just wish we weren't so tired, 'cause I'm not happy with the edges. 

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