Thursday, August 29, 2013

Era Chooses! -Sinful Colors Summer Peach

 A couple of you voted, and even though it was only a couple, the decision was unanimous. Y'all wanted to see what I would do if given a random color by a two-year old.

Well, here's last night's pick:

Surprisingly, the orange turned out great.

Era chose:
     Sinful Colors Summer Peach
I used:
     Hard Candy Black Tie Optional
     Sinful Colors Snow Me White (For a base, to make the neon pop)

I was VERY apprehensive about these. I do NOT like orange! But as I wore them today, they grew on me, which is shocking. My coworkers liked the simple design and the striking color.

I chose the Black Tie Optional because I just got it last night and HAD to try it. I've been looking for a black glitter for AGES and this was honestly the closest thing I've found that was under $5. And because I really couldn't think of anything to pair it with that wouldn't look terribly Halloween-ey.

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