Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fun with Holos

Sorry it's been so long! I got a promotion at work that changed my hours (I'm now 3:30-Midnight), my babysitter quit with no notice, and I've got an almost-boyfriend that I spend most of my days off with, so I've been pretty busy! Please forgive me!

After getting the Born Pretty holo #7 and then getting the FingerPaints Peacock Portrait, I HAD to do a collaboration of the two! 

On my thumb is a gradient with #7, with a coat or two of Peacock Portrait. My ring finger is #7 with a couple coats of Peacock Portrait.

I used three coats of Peacock Portrait over black to get some opacity. The glitter is not terribly dense, as you can see on my ring finger.

Peacock Portrait is on every finger, while #7 is only on the thumb and ring finger.
Peacock Portrait is a chunky holo with teal hexagons. I'm in absolute love! My ONLY criticisms would be to make the glitter denser, with a faster-drying formula. It took FOREVER for one coat to dry, and I honestly could have used a couple more coats, but I got tired and frustrated, waiting for it to dry.

It was a very fun, very distracting mani a good way to get away from work lol

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