Thursday, October 10, 2013

Minimalist Frankenstein

My best friend REALLY LIKES Frankenstein's Monster. So, in the spirit of the season, I give you: minimalism?

Hahaha wasn't expecting that, were you?

I REALLY wanted to do Watermarble Mummy nails tonight, but then I realized that I can't be spending that kind of time on them because tomorrow night I have to take them off and do something for a couple of weddings that the boyfriend-thingy (it's complicated in the most adult sense) and I are attending this weekend. So, I K.I.S.S.ed it tonight.

The smudging was intentional. Monsters!

To get the color I got (not pictured very well), I used my Rue Beaute Mint, and the did a coat of Sinful Colors Irish Green. I got the studs at The Dollar Tree! You can't really see, but I also have a layer of Pure Ice's Oh Baby! where my nail beds show through, and then on my tips, I have a Franken (apropos, right?) of Oh Baby!, Petite's Daze, and NYC's Matte Me Crazy. 

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