Monday, December 16, 2013

Secret Santa Week 1

We're doing a Secret Santa where I work. For three weeks in December, you get a gift for your SS, the first two presents worth about $3-$5, the second $15-$20. This week, I got three bottles of nail polish, a mani kit, a pedi kit, and a cute little sock purse that I use to keep the new tools in my desk :)

I got two bottles of a jelly nail polish by Color Show, in the Polka Dots line.  Blue Marks the Spot and Pretty in Polka.

My reviews: 
Pretty in Pink: This one has a great formula. In two coats, I lost my free edge, and got a very even coverage of the glitter. It's a very pretty bubblegum pink with small, medium, and large-ish black and white matte glitter. The glitter is very easy to manipulate.

Blue Marks the Spot: This has a very, very sheer formula. What you see on my nails is four coats. The glitter is the same, and it's just as easy to manipulate. The only issue I came across was the sheerness.

Hehehe this is what it looks like taking it off.

I really enjoyed wearing these, even though they felt very busy for the first few hours. Once I got used to it I really liked them :)

My Secret Santa went waaaay over budget for the first week, but lemme tell ya, I'm VERY pleased!!! Thank you (if you read this!)

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