Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Born Pretty Store

I've been wanting a holo polish for a while, so when Born Pretty had their holos on sale, PLUS the 10% off discount if you follow Polish Art Addiction, who has her own coupon code, I kinda had to finally get one!

Get it here

For the price, Born Pretty's holo polishes are very small. I wasn't aware that it was only .2 fl oz, which is really disappointing. The regular (non-sale) price is $12.88! That's... WOW. One of the reasons I assumed they were full-sized bottles!

I haven't gotten the chance to try it, as Era hasn't gone to bed yet (it's only 1:15 and I JUST got the mail. Had to share this asap!!) and it's such a tiny bottle I would feel it a waste to do a swatch on a fake nail.

I'm gonna use it tonight.


I've always wanted to try Fimo decals, and I REALLY like the fruit-salad-looking nails, so...
Get them here
Ooooh! They're tiny and rubbery and very cute! Apples and oranges and watermelon and citrus and strawberries!  I can't wait to figure out the designs I'm gonna try!

I was very happy with the size of this item, there are quite a bit of each design, and the detail is great :)

Overall, I'm very excited to use my new stuff!

These items were NOT given to me by Born Pretty for review, nor were they given as gifts.

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