Friday, July 12, 2013

Nubbies :(

I took off the skittles mani to every artist's nightmare: nasty nails. The tips of my nails were chipped, peeling, yellow, and just plain nasty. Three of my nails had fixes that were peeling on the edges.

So I gave them a trim.

All of them.

I HATE having nubbies! They feel weird when I type, or pick things up, and I can't scratch, grab tiny things, or peel off stickers.... I hate it.

But hopefully, it's for the best!

Anyways, I did a simple design, another glitter gradient. I LOVE them, and I'm sorry if you're getting tired of them :(


Flash, inside
Two coats of Sinful Colors' Lavander, gradient with Queen of Beauty. On the accent nail I did a coat of L.A. Colors' BCC 655? I can't find a name for it...
You can best see the color in the sunlight picture, but honestly it's less blue and more grey.

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