Friday, July 26, 2013

Neon Water Shredding

For this design, I wasn't going for the traditional water spotting, more like shredding the nail polish. Kinda like this. And I did it in neon.

These two were my favorite. The watermarble on my ring finger turned out SO PRETTY, and I love the pink on my middle finger.
To get this look:
Paint your nails white over your basecoat.
Prep with tape.
Get your watermarbling glass of room-temp water, and drop one drop on the surface. Grab your hand sanitizing spray and spray the nail polish once or twice. Find a spot you like and dip your fingers in.
Put your favorite topcoat over and enjoy!

For this look, I used Sinful Colors' Snow Me White, Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away, Sinful Colors' Bikini, and Wet'N'Wild's Limelight. 
For topcoats, I used NYC's Turbo Dry Topcoat and NYC's Matte Me Crazy. 

I'm REALLY loving the NYC's Turbo Dry Topcoat. And I got it for $.50! SUCH the best!

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