Sunday, June 15, 2014

Not Nails: Splatter Paint

One of the most fun, messy, awesome things ever is splatter paint. You can do so many things in this design! Nails, walls, canvas, clothes...  So I did some stuff!

Let's start with the nails! Inspired by this pin, I had a lot of fun, though a bit of difficulty at the beginning.

Using a makeup sponge, I made a gradient of two colors, then I used a coffee stirrer and splattered the third color on. There's really a trick to it. You have to gather the paint into the straw and then blow really hard, really fast, aiming at the nail. I did not know this the first time I tried, and as you can see, my right hand is a little weird. Still looks awesome, though!

Okay, here's some more splatter paint!

I'm still in the process of creating my living room's environment, and part of that, I felt, is some art above the love seat. I found some fabric that I like to base the room on, so using that pattern, I'm creating my own art. The first panel of art I melted crayons in a drip pattern. The second, I decided, needs to be splatter paint! So, I took Kiddo outside and got to creating a mess!

The colors

The resulting mess: meet the Kiddo

Kiddo plays dirty

The result of the mess, before the chevron tapes were removed.

After the chevron tapes were removed, and touched up with white paint

Kiddo had a BLAST doing this! I knew he would go nuts, so I bought white cotton shirts so that maybe we'd have some awesome shirts come out of it. They turned out really cool, too, but I haven't set the paint yet, so I don't have any final pics, but you can see Kiddo's shirt above. This was a seriously fun half hour, and it gave me some awesome art.

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