Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cool-Colored Grunge

I had a totally awesome idea for these nails. ...It did not go as planned. I am disappoint. 

BUT! These still turned out really awesome, so yay!

I'm really glad I've finally got a regular schedule at work, so I can keep a regular schedule with the blog! Even though I almost forgot tonight (oops)!

So I visited a look I liked a while back from Thanksgiving 2013, and gave it fresher colors :)

This is a very, very easy mani to do. Base coat, base color, and then scrape the polish from the brush until you get off as much polish as you can. Then put a minimum amount of pressure and glide the brush over your nail. Start in random places all over your nail. BAM! Awesomeness! I've already gotten compliments, and I JUST put these on last night :)

The colors that I used are Finger Paints' Inkblot Blue and First Edition and Sinful Colors' Irish Green and Dream On over two coats of Revlon's Spirit. I used a thin coat of Fairy Dust by China Glaze on my thumbs and ring fingers. For a top coat, I used L.A. Colors' Rapid Dry Top Coat. It was only a dollar, so I thought I'd try it. I... like it better than Seche Vite so far: less shrinkage and it smells better. We'll see how it goes in a few more manis.

What colors would you use for this? Please comment, share, and subscribe!

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