Friday, August 1, 2014

Barbed Wire and Roses

Happy Friday!!

So with my recent paycheck, I got a hefty bonus and decided to treat myself. So, I bought 28 bottles of nail polish, 10 more swatch wheels, and a new storage system for my polishes. I'm very excited about all of it, because the items that were shipped weren't supposed to be here until at least Monday, and I got them all between Wednesday and Thursday! 

So on Wednesday night, I just had to use the polishes that came in, which were the Kleancolor Metallic collection and the Kleancolor Chunky Holo collection. I ended up just using the Metallic collection, though.

I keep hearing Seal's "Kiss From A Rose" whenever I look at this design

Stamped with Pure Ice's Silver Mercedes, which decided to soak up the purple pigment -_-

For this look, I used Kleancolor's Metallic Fuschia, and stamped with Pure Ice's Silver Mercedes. On the accent, I laid down two coats of Sinful Colors' Black on Black and stamped with Kleancolor's Metallic Pink. I used Bundle Monster's BM-323 stamping plate. I'm loving this look! I absolutely love the Metallic Fuschia, it's an insanely gorgeous color, possibly one of my favorites.

I got the swatch wheels and the Kleancolor Duochrome collection on Thursday, so I'm going to be playing with those tonight. I've already gotten the polishes swatched, going to be putting everything away soon and playing with the new colors a bit more. Maybe do some reviews for you guys if anyone's interested?

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