Thursday, August 28, 2014

Purple Waterfall

Good morning, luvvies! I have such pretties to show you!! No real inspiration for the look, other than my mom's favorite color is purple and I miss her. She loves these, I just wish I could show her how lovely they are in real life!

They make me feel so pretty and dainty. I haven't done a French manicure in years (can never get my nails even enough to feel comfortable doing one), and if I don't look right at these, it almost looks like a classic French.

Basically, I just grabbed a bunch of my favorite purples, and then used my smaller striping brush to create the stripes. I added silver just for a bit of flair.

The base is Sally Hansen's White On. For the purples I used Zoya's Charisma, Wet'N'Wild On A Trip, Kleancolor Metallic Purple and Metallic Fuschia, and an Unnamed BonBons. There may be more purples that were used, but Kiddo thought it would be adorable to play tea party with my nail polish bottles (He was right, silly boy!) and he maybe lost a couple. For the silver, I used Pure Ice's Silver Mercedes. Topped with China Glaze Fairy Dust and NYC's Turbo Dry Top Coat. 

I am in such love with these :) And after wearing them for about 4 days, there's only one chip. These guys have some staying power! I base coated with Pure Ice's Buh Bye Breakups.

What colors would you choose for a waterfall?

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