Friday, October 31, 2014

October Challenge: Week 5

Hello darlings! It's almost time to say good bye to October and hello to November. I'm honestly sad, I love October and am sooo not ready for cold weather. We had such a mild-mannered October that I don't want to see it go.

It's also the final week in the challenge, which, I gotta say, is not something I am sad to see go. Though it is not the challenge's fault, but my own health. *shakes fist at immune system* These past couple weeks have been extremely hard to pull off, but I have done it!!!

This final week's theme is:

This mani very nearly did not happen due to bad planning, bad timing, and a bad immune system. I did not know tonight was Beggar's Night (what they call "trick-or-treating" 'round these parts), and also I spent the afternoon with my friend and her daughter and my kiddo in the Big City. I am currently expecting a food baby, due in a couple of hours (thank you, my darling Huhot!), and on top of everything, I'm not sleeping well. So yeah this was really difficult to pull off.

The original plan for this week was supposed to be recreating this mani. After two days of contemplating exactly how I'm going to pull it off, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm too tired.
So I decided to do my favorite one of that mani's monsters: The zombie!

Besides the fact that none of them have noses, I like these ugly guys. They each have a distinct personality and creepiness.

I used 7 shades of green blotched on with a fatter round brush, a couple of shades of brown, and red to make these guys. Pearls with black polish and red polish for the eyes.

Hopefully health-wise, November will be a better and easier month. 

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