Thursday, January 10, 2013

Saran Wrap Nails

I've got a mani marathon happening tonight, so I'll be quick. I'll take pics if the others let me to post on here.

I did these last night, so they're a tiny bit chipped. I couldn't get my cuticles clean enough last night, so I decided to wait and... yeah.

These were my first-ever attempts at Saran Wrap Nails, and OH MY GOSH they were so easy!! Whenever I see a professional blogger say "This mani was quick and easy!" I'm always like, "Yeah. right. that's going to take me an hour... Not including all the waiting to dry..."

These took me HALF an hour, and that includes dry time!

You can see slight chipping on my pointer and middle fingers :(
My accent nail was a black crackle by Pure Ice
Closeup of the cutest one, IMHO
 Aren't these cute? I'm not usually one to go for pink, but my pink is a really shiny color by Avon. I always feel really dirty when I use Avon products (I got a LOT for my 21st birthday) because I sell MaryKay. (Link to my page here. I can sell ONLY to the US, sorry)

Besides a one-color mani, what's the fastest mani you've ever done? What's your favorite way to dry you nails faster?

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