Friday, January 11, 2013

OPI's Black Spotted Released in US!

LOL just kidding! Sorry to get you all excited there :(

I do have some amazing news, however! SOMEONE HAS FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO SPOTTED MANI'S!!! And I was able to replicate it using dollar-store items (nail polish bought at Target)!!!!

Youtuber CutePolish came up with this tutorial that I found on pinterest. I already have toothpicks and plastic shot glasses from the dollar store, and all I needed was the hand sanitizer, so I went to the Dollar Tree and grabbed one. Finding the sanitizer was more difficult than I imagined, because the spray kind isn't with the normal hand sanitizer, it's in the cosmetics, buried amongst the chapsticks.

 I then invited Heaven back over to test it out (I'm still wearing my Saran Wrap nails) and we came up with this. I really hope you like, this is so cheap and sooo easy!!!

For the accent nail, we used a crackle.
The top coat messed up her middle finger :( She still loved it, though!

Up close and personal with her favorite. Darn I missed this nail with the acetone. Oops :/
For these, we did pink, purple, and white stripes with a black spot. In hindsight, it might have been really cute to do white with pink and purple spots. I'll have to try that next!

All you do is drip the polish on the surface of water-just as if you were doing a watermarble. Then spray it with hand sanitizer. The spots will appear and then you dip your finger in it just like you would for a watermarble.

What does this inspire in you?

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