Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review of Mango Cuticle Cream by Deb's Calming Creations

So while hunting for replacement cuticle creams I favorited a bunch of stuff on Etsy to compare. One of the things I favorited was this cuticle cream by a shop called Deb's Calming Creations. It was fairly inexpensive at $5, and I was interested because I LOVE the smell of mango.

I got an email from Deb a few days later that offered me a deal of free shipping on a purchase through her shop, good through a certain date.

So I decided to try out the cream I'd wanted.

We emailed back and forth for a time after I purchased, and Deb is a really, REALLY awesome person, on top of making such an awesome product.

Here's a quick tour of the product:
Penny for scale. It's a .4oz tin.

Ingredients list

What's inside
I had been expecting a mangoey scent, because I'm an idiot and didn't bother to read the ingredients. Deb was kind enough to inform me that there IS lemon oil in it. Still, I was surprised when I opened the tin for the first time and the most heavenly smell wafted out. This is a very, very lightly scented cream, unlike Burt's Bees nail butter or Lush's Lemony Flutter, which both have a very strong lemony scent. I can't stop smelling it! It also complements my Carmex hand cream really well, whereas the Burt's Bees tends to smell rancid with it.

This cream is also very light in texture. It spreads very well and you don't need a lot to cover all your fingers. It also soaks in very quickly, and doesn't leave your hands greasy. I'm so used to having a cream stay put for a long time (Looking at you, Burt) that I apply it pretty often, 3-4 times a day and before bed.

I didn't take pics of my nails during this review because I've completely spaced everything about my life for the past few days. Life is moving fast, work keeps making changes that I'm trying to keep up with, and my doc has me on some new meds, but I do have an after pic :D
It's cold in here, yes my hands are that blue!
With this cream, I've noticed much less redness in my cuticles themselves, had less peeling than I did with either of the previous butters.

I've had a couple of chips, and a split in one nail, but nothing serious, or even noticeable once I filed it out or fixed it. The weather has taken a severe turn for the bitterly cold and dry and I don't think soaking my hands in any cream for days would stop the kind of dryness my nails are going through, but I can tell this cream definitely helped quite a bit.

I'm pretty pleased with this purchase, and I plan on continuing to use it, though I'll probably add the Bees back on the routine, probably using this one while at work (waste not want not... and I can't smell the Bees while I'm asleep thank heaven). I'm gonna give it a 5/5, this is my favorite cuticle cream now!

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