Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thowback: Swirls

Surpassed 10k views!!!! ...And no followers, with like 6 comments. C'mon guys, why no interaction? :(

I did these nails back in like, May of 2013 and SOMEHOW didn't get a pic of them. So I redid them! And I love them just as much :)

Step one: Dab your chosen colors of nail polish on a makeup sponge and dab your nails with the sponge.

Add a sparkly layer

Stamp your favorite swirly stamps/freehand it (if you're good enough!)

Topcoat, and tada!!
My son's doctor loved them, as did the girlies at work :) The stamping was not my best, but I was still pleased with them.

What would you do differently?

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