Thursday, February 20, 2014

Zoya + Bundle Monster Stamping

I got new Bundle Monster plates! I've been eyeing the 2012 collection for a while and finally decided to get them (taxes rule!). I absolutely love this entire set, there are only a couple that I don't think I'll use.

For my first use, I decided to break out my Zoyas Charisma and Robyn. I forgot to bring a white with me (took a bunch of stuff to work), so I grabbed a hot pink for my base color. Two layers of Sinful Colors' Neon Fusion and two layers of Charisma gave me a satisfying purple. I then stamped with Robyn. Accent nail is Robyn with Petite's Craze, stamped with a makeup sponge.

Topcoat was Seche Vite.

1 night after Seche Vite application and I've already got shrinkage going on. *sigh*

I'm in love with these colors together! 

I taught my friend and coworker how to stamp a few months back, and she came up with this:
I forgot to bring my cleanup brush to work, please forgive her cuticles lol
Too cute! She chose Sinful Colors' Savage and Rue Beaute's Mint.

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