Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Endless Blue by Sinful Colors

I have no clue when I picked this color up, or from where, though I'm pretty sure it was Walgreens when they had a sale of some sort. Doesn't matter though, because I ABSOLUTELY love it!

This color is a one-coat wonder. I went with two, but it's simply because I'm paranoid. Sinful Colors knocked this one out of the park! It's a medium creme polish, with a shiny finish.

Ooooh shiny holo!

I was thrilled to find I have a striping tape to match!

I freehanded that heart. Very proud of it.

The color is a tad bit darker on the nail than in my photos, but that's okay.  

I can't tell if it's the topcoat (Seche Vite) or if the striping tape always does this, but the color is fading from the tape, which is disappointing. It came in this pack, which is really a steal, especially considering the free shipping. 

The holo is, of course, a mix of China Glaze Cosmic Dust and Born Pretty Holographic #7.  I like the coverage Cosmic Dust gives in 2 coats, and the chunk of the #7

Because I was short on time, this got a coat of Seche Vite. 

I LOVE wearing these, and the way they turned out, even though I did vary somewhat from my inspiration. I just couldn't get the stripes the way I wanted them trying to freehand.

I'm actually pretty proud of this mani, took me about an hour, but that's because I kept fudging. I'm pretty sure I could have done them in about 40 minutes (including drying time) if I remembered which nails to paint what color and if it hadn't taken me 2 tries to do the striping before deciding on using tape.

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