Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Finally October!

October is my favorite month. I absolutely love the beginning of Autumn, I love the pumpkin spice everything, I love Halloween, I just love everything about October!! I spent most of September anxiously waiting for October to arrive and it's finally here!!!!

We're only 3 days in, but I've already had a couple dreams come true! I found a job that pays enough for me to have my own apartment, a babysitter, and enough left over to eat and have a hobby! YAY!!!! October is my miracle month :)

Okay enough about my personal life, on to the nails!

For the first of October, I HAD to do Halloween-y type nails. I took the classic colors, black and orange (both by Sinful Colors (Cloud Nine, Black on Black), how appropriate!), and added purple (Let's Talk by Sinful Colors). I liked the striped look, so I just threw a matte on the top.

And then I looked through my glitter. I have black glitter (Target sells it in a pack for about $2.50 with a purple, an orange and a green)!!!!  I did a fresh stripe of black paint, and then sprinkled the glitter over it, gently pressing down with my finger to make sure it was nice and in the paint.

On my accent finger, I did a gradient of the three colors and then stamped a skull and bones using BM-225 :) He's so cute!

On to the pics!

So friggin' cute!! And messy... That glitter was HARD to get off!! :(

A macro shot of the orange base, Cloud Nine. Very glittery, I love it, and I usually am NOT a fan of warm colors. :)
This is a VERY thin color, and needs at least three coats. This is three, and I can see some places that could use another layer.

This is my accent nail. No matter what I do, I just cannot get white to stamp on purple without the white turning to  purple. I'll even put a topcoat in between, and it STILL CHANGES COLOR! GRRRRR! Still turned out pretty cute, though.

The finished base nail. I LOVE the effect the glitter has, since the rest of the nail is matte. It's totally cute! Maybe I'll do something like this with just blacks at some point...
I wore these for a couple of days and then I had a job fair to go to, and didn't think it would be appropriate to wear crazy nails, so took them off... To find my nails had stained orange. -_- I bought a new Nails base, and it's not very good :/ Every time I've used it as a base I've gotten stained. So lame.

So that's today's update, hope you enjoyed!

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