Friday, October 5, 2012

Job Interview Nails

On Monday the first of October, I had a job interview and decided to do my nails for it. Best way to calm the nerves, imho. While looking through my stash, I noticed that I had colors that matched my favorite shirt (the one I was wearing to the interview), so I thought I'd try to match the pattern. I was hoping to try and replicate this kind of technique with the colors, but I didn't know how, so I ended up with this, which was cute anyways :)

Here's the shirt. I tried to get a part with all the colors. I LOVE this shirt! Got it as a present from my mom, who found it at my favorite clothing store out here, Cato.

And here's how they turned out! I cleaned them up a little better before the inter view.

Left hand :)
Basically what I did was paint my nails white, let them dry. Then I take the nail polish brush and scrape off all the nail polish that I can before quickly swiping it across my nail. I wore these about four days. I loved them, so colorful!

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