Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, and welcome to my new site, Pinkies for a Penny: Nail Art on a Budget! I'm your host, Makenna!

Lol, just kidding! Nothing so formal here! Lemme explain what all this is about:

I'm Makenna (pronounced "Ma-Kenna", not "Ma-Keena" for those wondering). I'm currently 21 years old. I have a nail art obsession. Okay, maybe it's an addiction. A small one. Maybe.

I started painting my nails as a little girl, just like everyone else. Then for a long time I didn't paint them very often or very detailed (someday I'll tell you why- it's one of my mother's favorite stories to tell me while I do my nails- as if I didn't remember) and then I suddenly stumble across a blog called on a quest to find out more about  these nails. I spent three days going through her posts and I immediately started doing my nails, learning new tricks and tips and techniques. I sorted through Youtube tutorials and found new blogs to follow. And I started doing my nails. Obsessively. I started buying new colors whenever I went to the dollar store or when Walmart or Target or Walgreens had sales or clearances on polish. Soon my little box I started with wouldn't fit all my colors, and then the new box I got for them wouldn't fit all of them, either. So I got smart and got a stackable caddy:
I hate my feet, but it was all I had for reference at the time
I can add more stacks if need be, so this is really handy. Top two layers have my polishes; then the sponges, cotton balls, q-tips, toothpicks, and removers (pure acetone and "strengthening"); and then on the bottom is my tools, glitters, and stamps.

Anywho, one thing I noticed about all these nail art blogs is this: they all use really expensive polishes and tools and oils and such. On my budget, I can't really afford to drop $8 for a bottle of polish (I HAVE, once. It was mislabeled. Story later.). Most of my polishes I got for less than $2. My dotting tools I got for free using a reward I'd earned by submitting to Almost all my glitter and a LOT of my polishes come from the dollar store. 
My last dollar store haul
So I'm here to show you how to do it all on a budget, to give you tips and tricks from the dollar store. Unless you're 100% 3-Free, why spend more?

I'm not using great cameras right now (in fact, the camera on my phone often works better focusing on my nails and getting macro shots than the Nikon Coolpix S4100 I got for Christmas, but the quality for videos is horrible from both.), and even if I had the best of the best, I doubt I'd know how to take amazing pictures with it. So for now, I'll ask that you please forgive me for my horrible pictures, and if you have any advice on photographing your nails, please feel free to share.

Speaking of sharing, if you think I'm doing something wrong or have a tip for me, please share! Sharing is caring :)

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