Thursday, September 6, 2012


Today's mani is brought to you by the toughness of glitter.

No seriously, a good glitter is impossible to get off. That's why I chose to put a glitter at the tips. This mani has to last me a looooong time (like over a week *sob*).

I literally had five pairs of colors that I wanted to do this with. I had a black/silver, a pair of purples, a pair of blues, a pair of greens, and a pair of turquoises. I asked my brother-in-law and he said "RROOOOYALLLLL BLUUUUUUUUUUUE!" like from Liar Liar. So here we go:
These aren't cleaned very well- I didn't have a whole lot of time.
This is my favorite way to use glitter, as a gradient on a similar color. It's SUPER simple to do, too. Just put the glitter on a corner of a damp makeup sponge and slowly work your way down going from side to side.
Looks nice, doesn't it?
This manicure got DESTROYED. My mom bought a giant binder for our dvds, I ended up moving over 200 dvds from their cases into the binder, and even 3 hours after I applied the top coat, the tips got messed up.
They got EFFED UP
So I redid them. But it was all for naught, 'cause 7 hours on airplanes and in airports with a 16-month-old DESTROYED a couple of my nails. Chips and peeling in both the polish and in the nails themselves... I'm very disappointed in you, glitter.

Both of these colors are from Pure Ice. The top coat is NYC's Matte Me Crazy. I'm honestly wondering if the topcoat is to blame for the chipping. Aren't top coats supposed to prevent that?

Anyways, it's taken three days and a couple headaches to bring you this post. I need a nap. Good night!

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