Monday, September 3, 2012

Mani Math Mistake

Tonight's mani makes me think of witches and Halloween, for some reason. I think it's the purple and black. Always kinda reminds me of the spider web my mom had in her classroom for Halloween, I guess. I have 2 coats of Wet'n'Wild's Wild Shine "Midnight Prowl" topped with a coat of Pure Ice Crackle in "Strobe Light". It's a very dark mani, which is unusual for me. It was an experiment in color and contrast. I thought the glitter in Midnight Prowl would show up more between the cracks of Strobe Light, but... Eh. You'll see.
Swatch of Midnight Prowl
Midnight prowl is a black with tiny purple glitter (I will someday learn about the different types of glitter and then I'll be able to tell you what kind of glitter this is, though I think this is a glass glitter. I honestly don't know, though). It's a definite 2-coater (possible 3-coater even, it's a very thin formula), a sheer black at first, needing some buildup. It's extremely pretty and very distracting. A bit hard to clean up, though.
This is the best pic I could get to show how dense the glitter is.
I didn't know I had a freckle there O.o
I thought that the glitter would sparkle very prettily through the crackle topcoat, and experimented thusly.
Well, I was kinda right...
With such an extreme light as the LED flash/flashlight from my phone, the glitter shows up really well, and you can TOTALLY see it through the cracks. But in the dim light from the "energy saving" bulbs we have in my home, my nails just look black :(

I did my usual final step- a top coat. 
This was a mistake. 
With a topcoat in the light of my house, you can no longer even see the glitter because the shine from the topcoat is hiding it. The black of the crackle is just kinda overpowering the glitter. 

So, now I've learned: dark nail polish + black crackle = nails I'm not proud of. 

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