Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good Vs. Evil and The Most Expensive Internet Ever.

So now that I'm all settled in to my brother's place for the next 10 days or so, I figured I should make a post to make up for yesterday's absence.
There was on-flight internet, but I seriously was NOT going to pay $10 for the 6 hours I was on a plane. Sorry. On a budget and all.
This has to be one of my more awesome ones to date. My friend texted me after a very troubling event knowing I needed to do my nails (it makes me feel better!) with this: "I have an idea for your nails! You could do a naughty and nice type deal, like, do a hot color on all your nails except your accent nail, where you can do a pretty neutral. Also you could do the shiny topcoat on the 'naughty nails' and the matte topcoat on the 'nice' ones. Just a suggestion. I won't be offended if you think the idea sucks."

I took the suggestion and ran with it. It mutated in my mind into "Good vs. Evil" and here ya go!
This was an "Evil" accent nail. Devil horns made out of caviar beads. The beads were almost impossible to see without looking :(

This was the other "Evil" accent nail. Devil tail made out of caviar beads.

This was a "Good" accent nail. A halo made out of  caviar beads. Oddly, this was much easier to see  in normal light, but the camera hated it.

This was my "Evil" hand, with the "Good" accents. My middle and pinkie fingers are wings.
(My pinkie sucked, IMHO. I wish the halo was visible, but I promise it's there)

The "Good" hand. This picture turned out much better lol
So what do you guys think? I personally really enjoyed wearing this, though that was mostly because I couldn't stop playing with the beads >.<

So, I don't have my polishes with me, and I didn't think to write down what colors and brands I used, so I'll do my best to remember.
The base white and base red are from Sinful Colors. The white had a Pure Ice glitter over it, and then the silver, which I THINK is L.A.C. The red had an N.Y.C. glitter over it, with a black/silver combo from... Hrm. It's either Color Workshop or L.A.C. I can't remember. Sorry. The caviar beads all came from the Dollar Tree and are a brand I can't make out in the picture.

I would like to say that I HATE working with white polishes. They get gloopy and hard to use waaaay too fast, and even my polish thinner doesn't seem to help :( If anyone has a favorite brand of white or a suggestion on how to keep the whites from thickening up super quick, leave it in the comments please!

On a side note, am I terribly vain or are there others who totally feel let down when no one comments on your nails? No one said anything about them :(


  1. I like the good hand better, too. I can tell the white was gloopy for the wings on the evil hand - I've had happen to me. I know people sometimes will put the a whole bunch of thinner in the bottle itself to make it work. Sally Henson's white that comes in the french manicure set is alright, but China Glaze white-out is by far my favorite. I tend to really like their polish, but it is expensive :P

  2. I really like the red with the black top on it. I will add that the halo effect came out better then the horns or tail.