Sunday, September 9, 2012


Today's post is about saving money at my personal favorite store: Target.

"Why Target," you ask. "Why not Walmart?"
Three reasons: Target is the same price (and sometimes cheaper), it's more organized, and the people (both customers and employees) are a bit higher class and not as scary/creepy/gross.

"Target is NOT cheaper than Walmart!" you gasp.
Why, my dear ma'am (or sir, I don't judge!) you must not know about the amazingness that is the Target RedCard.

"You mean that credit card the cashiers always harass me about? I don't want any more credit cards- they're trouble! You aren't helping me save money, you're a scam!"

First of all, there aren't yet ads on my blog, so I'm not taking any money for this and therefore I'm not a scam. Secondly, the RedCard is not- I repeat, NOT- a credit card. It is a DEBIT card, which means it is directly linked to your bank account. You don't get a bill, it's removed from your account directly. It's exactly as if you're using your bank card, but more Target-ey, which means that you're saving money using it.
When you use the RedCard, you're automatically saving 5%- which makes it as cheap-and in some instances cheaper- than Walmart (with a bit higher-quality products), and when shopping online you get free shipping!

[Edit: The Target RedCard USED to be a credit card, but it is now offered as a debit. If you want the credit card, it is still available, but they aren't trying to get people to sign up for it anymore like they used to.]

Add on top of that: coupons. On Target's website, you can print out Target-exclusive coupons that you can combine with manufacturer's coupons to double up savings.

AND THERE'S STILL MORE! If you send 5 prescriptions to the Target pharmacy you get a 5% discount that lasts for 24 hours once you use it the first time. Forget something the first time you go? Go again within 24 hours and still receive the 5% off :)

Certain items will earn you a gift card- usually between $5 and $10. I generally like this deal. The items are usually discounted, and they're items I would generally buy in bulk anyways, like diapers and "feminine hygiene products".

I have bought $1.99 NYC nail polish for under a $.50 with all these discounts and coupons and such. HOW DO YOU BEAT THAT?

So anyways, I've found a few coupons on the Target website: $.50 off a N.Y.C. cosmetic item, $1 off L'Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish, $1 off L'Oreal cosmetic item, and $1 off a Revlon Nail Art kit.

Click here for the Target Beauty Coupons.

As a side note, I'd ask that you please, please, PLEASE always be kind and respectful to your cashier. If a coupon doesn't go through or a discount doesn't work, if you smile and joke about it or something, the cashier is more likely to let the coupon slide (by slide I mean they might give it to you anyways) next time (or this time if they're having a good day). If you're a bitch (excuse my language), you aren't going to get what you want- now or later. Couponers have a bad rep because they like to fight for coupons-which exhausts the cashier and often the management. They'll remember you and you're going to be less and less welcome at their store.

Anyways, good luck with your search and enjoy your newfound discounts! ♥

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  1. I suggest that you to re-phrase, "the red card is not a credit card." Debit card is a new additional opition that can be chosen. I am afraid that people who may have got the "red card" long ago, who dont use it because back then it was only a credit card, might stop reading because they know it is a credit card. I would confirm that the "red card" is a credit card but, then apply new information that people might not know with the knowledge of the "new debit "red card". I think is will make you post as accurate as possible.